DR: Advisor

Getting your story straight

I started my company, Box Out Industries, to help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs clarify the elemental aspects of their business. 

We work together to: 

1) Insure there's a clear customer focus

2) Nail the value proposition for the product

3) Position the business vs. competitors

With the basics in place, we then tune the product strategy, go-to-market approach and business model. 

Where great products come from

Great companies begin with extraordinary products.   Extraordinary products start with big ideas.  And big ideas are inspired by basic insights about people.   Regardless of how clever a technology might be, if it's not doing something useful for someone, it's really tough to build a business. 

Whether it's a potato peeler that just feels great, a tool that lets you speak with anyone in the world for free, a cool sneaker that protects your ankles or a new way to share and source photos, all great products have great utility and a simple story.

Looking for fresh thinking?

We work with passionate entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in the Internet and consumer technology sectors who value a customer-centric view of their business. 

Let's discuss your story

Contact us:  davidariemer@yahoo.com

On Partnering with Box Out...

John Stormer

Director of New Products, Salesforce.com; Former CMO, Timebridge 

"I have worked with David over many years in a lot of situations-- in crises and green fields, at global corporations and tiny start-ups.  At all times, David has been a constructive, creative force driving to the key insight and the big idea. And he always gets there." 

Try "Box Out Storybuilder"

We work collaboratively with the leaders of our companies to focus their strategy in a simple story-telling structure.  We call this the "Box Out Storybuilder" process.  The work provides the foundation for what our companies actually do and unifies how they tell their story inside and outside the organization.


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