DR: Nonprofit

Nonprofit beginnings

David started his career working with a nonprofit as the Outreach Director for a youth YMCA in Brockton, MA.  Today, some of his proudest moments come from his work with non-profit organizations.

Destiny Arts Center

David is a long-time Board member of the Destiny Arts Center and for the past year has been the chair of the capital campaign for this extraordinary Oakland youth development organization.  DAC is a violence prevention program that uses dance, performing arts and martial arts to inspire young people 3-18 years old to lead peaceful, productive lives.  DAC was recently featured on the Bay Area's ABC news affiliate for its extraordinary work within this community.

Advisor to the Mine Advisory Group (MAG)

MAG is a global organization that provides conflict-affected communities with a real chance for a better future.  MAG clears the remnants of war (mines and unexploded ordnance) from some of the world's poorest nations and partners with development organizations to restore communities.  Watch the video (below) that David created on a trip to Laos to show how MAG enables redevelopment projects like this water project.  David is working with the MAG America team to expand MAG's base of supporters in the U.S.

New Trustee at A.C.T.

David has recently joined the Board of Trustees at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.  ACT is the leading conservatory theater in the country.  David will be working with ACT on marketing, technology and education initiatives.

Capital Campaign:  "Raising the Roof"

Destiny has embarked on a 5 year campaign --  "Raising the roof for Destiny," to support DAC's sustainability and to find a longer-term facility for the organization.  The team is currently building-out a volunteer organization to drive this effort.  If you are interested in adding your skills to help "raise the roof," please contact davidariemer@yahoo.com.


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