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Virginia Stage Company premiere

SCKBSTD (Sick Bastard) premiered on January 18, 2011 at the Virginia Stage Company in Norfolk, VA.  The New York Times recently included the project in a piece on musicals in development.  Bruce Hornsby is pictured above with one of the stars of the VA production, Kevin Mambo.

Jill Paice and Marcus Lovett

SCKBSTD:  An original musical by Bruce Hornsby

SCKBSTD is the story of a family and a small town shaken by the presence of a creepy stranger cruising the streets in an old Dodge.  It’s only after a child goes missing, and the mystery of why this stranger has come to this sleepy town is solved, that the family (and the townspeople) are able to truly see each other and understand what really matters.

Follow the story of how the production is coming together on our blog.

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Charles Franklin (l) and Bob Cuccioli (r) as featured in a NY Times piece on the show.

Spiral Staircase Productions

In partnership with long-time NY theater pro, Mike Rafael, Spiral Staircase was created to produce theatrical projects.  We share a love of the arts and particularly live theater.  We have known each other since we shared an apartment (yes that's right, with a spiral staircase connecting the two floors) in New York 25 years ago.  Our first project is an original Bruce Hornsby musical, SCKBSTD "Sick Bastard." 

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