Innovation Narratives

David is a regular speaker and holds workshops on a number of topics.  He has appeared at conferences and events around the world, including: the UK, Canada, Mexico, Turkey and throughout the US.  David specializes in talks on business narratives and story-telling, but also speaks about innovation, entrepreneurship and marketing.  He involves his audiences in every topic.


 NSF I-Corps talk:  Stories and Storytelling 

On December 3, 2013, David gave a talk to scientists as part of the National Science Foundation I-Corps program at the UCSF medical center in Mission Bay San Francisco.  This is an accelerator program using Steve Blanc's Lean Launch Pad model to help graduate students turn their technologies into businesses.  David spoke about innovation narratives.  To get a flavor for David's presentations, you can select any of the following selections from his talk:

1.          Story Narrative and Product Narrative (10:24)
2.          Story & Storytelling (4:35)
3.          The Power of Story (10:24)
4.          Story Structure (10:24)
5.          The Main Character (9:27)
6.          The Main Conflict (6:13)
7.          Story Challenges & Solutions (2:03)
8.          Telling a Great Story (13:16)
Recent speaking engagements

Global Leadership Forum, Bahcesehir University, Istanbul National Institute of Science, I-Corp, Berkeley
d.school:  Institute of Design at Stanford
Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program      
Graduate Management Admissions Council, Vancouver
Skydeck Berkeley Accelerator
500 Start-ups
UC Executive Education
Lester Center Entrepreneurship Best Practices, UC Berkeley
Berkeley Communications Conference, UC Berkeley
Kaiser,  Burbank, CA
SAP, Palo Alto, CA
Black Rock SAE, San Francisco, CA
Abbott Labs, Alameda, CA
Have David speak at your school or business.
Contact him at:  davidariemer@yahoo.com
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