Product Story Development

Through my company Box Out Industries, I work with entrepreneurs (and entrepreneurial product managers) to help them think through critical decisions that impact their product strategy. We develop this strategy through the lens of the customer by using a framework called the "Innovation Narrative Storyboard."

I work collaboratively with company leaders to focus their strategy in a simple story-telling structure. We call this the "Box Out Storybuilder" process. The work provides the foundation for what the companies actually do and unifies how they tell their story inside and outside the organization. And it all starts with the protagonist in the story (the customer!).

PARTNER companies

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Expressing the Story

Once the product story framework is in place, I help teams create content that will tell the story in a memorable and compelling way.



  • This is a recent project for the gunshot detection solution called ShotSpotter
  • This is a photo story for the Mine Advisory Group, a global de-mining organization